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    Introduction of Houde Food Co., Ltd

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    • 2018-04-11 17:26:11

    Houde Food Co., Ltd. is located in Dongliao County, Jilin Province, one of the three golden maize zones in the world, at the foot of Changbai Mountain in Northeast China.

    It was founded in 2007 with a registered capital of 405.9 million yuan. It is a whole industry chain enterprise integrating grain storage, feed processing, layer breeding, biomass energy, egg deep processing and egg food production. It has several subsidiaries, including Jilin Jinyi egg products Co., Ltd., Jilin Nongle Feed Co., Ltd., Dongliao Lvgu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Jilin Shengao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jilin jinnuoxin inspection and detection Co., Ltd., and Jilin Jinzhan Food Development Co., Ltd., and has four large-scale modern layer chicken farms, with an annual production capacity of 150000 tons of fresh eggs Annual production of 50000 tons of egg food, annual processing of 500000 tons of pollution-free safe feed, annual slaughtering of 10 million laying hens, to solve laid-off workers and surplus rural labor force more than 1500 people, laying hens breeding base stock of 8 million. In the process of rapid development, enterprises do not forget the social responsibility, give full play to the advantages of layer breeding, cooperate with the local government, participate in the targeted poverty alleviation project, and lead local farmers to raise hens to become rich.

    The company's main products are egg processing products, egg food two series. Among them, egg processing products include: protein powder, egg yolk powder, whole egg powder, ice / fresh egg liquid, special seasoning egg liquid for egg tarts, etc.; egg food includes stewed egg, diced egg, dried egg, shredded egg, egg cake, fried egg, seasoned egg, poached egg, egg granule, laver soup, boiled egg, etc.     

    The company introduces international and domestic advanced equipment and builds first-class enterprise standard. For example, the world's advanced egg sorting and grading equipment was imported from MoBa of the Netherlands, with the ability to process one million eggs a day, and advanced fresh egg processing equipment and production technology from ovobel company in Belgium. The company has built more than 1000 square meters of testing and testing center, with more than 100 sets of gas chromatograph, liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, with a total value of 12 million yuan. The company's testing center has the ability of independent external inspection. In addition, the company has strong domestic strength, such as Agricultural University of China, Jilin Agricultural University and other schools and scientific research institutions, with strong scientific and technological support.

    The company has a complete industrial chain, and has formed a set of effective, scientific and rigorous food safety and product quality traceability guarantee system from the aspects of grain, feed, layer breeding, egg processing, etc., and has realized the promise of food safety and product quality to customers. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 national quality certification, ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification, QS certification and Halal Islamic certification.

    Houde foods - one egg processing experts, a model of safety and nutrition.